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Happy Heeling Dog Agility and Obedience
what's new for 2006

One of the new additions from 2006

Since the last time this website was updated many new things have happened with everyone.  Some of us have new titles on our dogs, new dogs, and yes even children.

In My household I have added a horse, dog and child.  Logan is a Pomeranian who is just coming up 2, and has lots of positive attitude for obedience and agility.  Looking forward to late 2007 for the obedience ring.

Liam and Logan

Liam was the new addition to the household in 2005, here you can see that he and Logan are quite the team.  Possibly a future dog trainer?  Both of these two have lots of energy and keep me on my toes.

Tristan making sure Liam gets clean
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